Right person for the right job

The recent news about homeowners who contracted spray polyurethane foam installers to insulate their houses brought home the dangerous maze that typical people have to negotiate in the residential construction field. I have included CBC’s article here but I would suggest anyone to read up more on it to gain a better understanding. The long and short of the story is that a few homeowners wanted to improve the R-value of their houses by retrofitting them with EPU (expanding polyurethane) and some contractors erred when mixing the components onsite, which then led to excessive off-gassing period and strong odour inside the home. My current project, is to a certain degree, very similar. Property management contracted someone to do remedial concrete repair and within weeks, the remediation has done more harm than good.

Having the correct people to do work and the correct people to specify how that work should be carried out is very important. It’s the reason to have capable foremen and engineers at commercial/institutional construction. This fact is always lost in residential construction where the desire to keep cost down is frequently the main driver. This works against homeowners because of the arduousness of the recourse available to the homeowners should anything go awry, e.g. construction budget overrun or product performance issues. While I seldomly see this in larger residential construction projects, but for small renovations, the terms “handyman” or “I know a guy” comes to mind.

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