I had been stuck on one particular article for some months now…I haven’t been not posting, but the work required to create an article was more time than I could realistically devote. I realized that something had to give tonight.

There will be a small re-tooling that this site will go through. It will still devote itself to LEED and sustainability, but in an effort to make it easier for me to return to writing, I will be including some information about my other love – road cycling and all things relating to it. I had been looking for a way to contribute to the common knowledge base in a meaningful way and look like this is a concrete step forward.

In addition, I am looking for people who may be interested in contributing to this site. Preferrably with an article timeline of every two months, I will have an outline or idea and then the writer gets his/her freedom to post whatever they’d like.

With that said, I will begin composing my next article.

Thanks everyone for supporting the site.



About eatonkwan

Engineer by profession, interests lie in environmental development, LEED and sustainable development.
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