Nth degree of connectivity.

I want to begin this by saying I am not a Luddite, I love technology and the convenience they bring me.

Owing to technology, I have eyeglasses that stay on my face and change colour when I am under the sun. I have a computer no bigger than my hand that can understand my speech and I have a desktop computer that creates a secure connection to allow me retrieve files hundreds, and presumably thousands of kilometres away.

I think technology is awesome but I am puzzled by the need for people to have access to these technologies no matter where they are. As with other articles in the past, I was prompted to write when I saw recently a new automobile that had wifi, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity using cellular data. This presumably allows people to work, to play or to occupy a van full of children for a little peace and quiet. I won’t argue with the last point, I can’t really argue with parents but there are no new technology provided in many of the new things you buy, you are not paying for things that are unavailable anywhere else. If a new car has a self-drive mode, or a new house has a food replicator, that’s a different story; however, we seem to be stuck in a loop where manufacturers include tech that are readily available elsewhere and consumers feel compelled to soak up these new things.

So earlier I said I am not a Luddite and I am going to prove to you. If for the sake of your job you have to be connected to the net, or your ear shape prohibits you from wearing an earphone then sure, buy the car that is constantly online or a $1500 bluetooth hands-free system. For me, I will keep my glasses and use my earphone to speak into the phone and leave everything else at home.


About eatonkwan

Engineer by profession, interests lie in environmental development, LEED and sustainable development.
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