Politics 101

I do not usually use this platform as a place to discuss politics, I believe my other interests should stay far away from this column for fear of polluting what I talk about here regularly which is green technology.

However, as many of you are aware, Canada’s neighbour to the south is having an election in a few weeks to elect the next POTUS. Many are watching with baited breath to see what happens to Donald J. Trump on November 8th. Below is an excerpt of a comment I made to a fellow Canadian recently in which I discuss it’s not the election I fear:

while many of my US friends (north and south) know that Drumpf will likely not be the next POTUS, the questions most scholars are asking how do you put this fire out. The complaint isn’t really the stupid stuff he is saying, it’s how the things he has said have negatively affected the melting pot of US multiculturalism/gender equality. These things have always been on thin ice but Drumpf has smashed the thin veil of temperance and tolerance, pioneering a MAINSTREAM public discourse full of bombastic nonsense & vulgar rubbish. Guys like Perry, Santorum and Romney could always be expected to toe a certain line and there are things they would never dare say on public TV, but Drumpf gain his popularity on TV by SAYING all that garbage. The masses love it and they think he will make as good as POTUS as he did being a mediocre TV personality. Those two things are mutually exclusive and good at one should not be equated to being good at the other.

How do you put the Genie back into the bottle? You can’t. I fear who will win on November 8th, I am scared shitless what happens on the 9th. Battle scenes from Gettysburg comes to mind.


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Engineer by profession, interests lie in environmental development, LEED and sustainable development.
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One Response to Politics 101

  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Donald Trump will not win. I understand the fears because thinking of his potential presidency is totally terrifying to most of us. However there are more things to come out about him before the election.

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