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Popping the dream of cityslickers

For the past week, I’ve had ample opportunities to sit in the car and listen to the radio as I am commute to work. There are a lot of talk about how green downtown living is and the benefits of … Continue reading

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Household product safe disposal – Triclosan

I was home recently and I found several bottles of half used soapless cleansers that contained that creepy chemical the media has been warning us about – triclosan. For those that have not been paying particular attention to their personal … Continue reading

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A New Crop

I was reminded today that another crop of engineering students has just received their Iron Rings this last month and thereby entered into a proud profession. I am also keenly aware of the changes that has happened since I graduated, … Continue reading

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Sustainable Cities

Life is full of opportunities, if you are too focused on your percieved goal in life you run the risk of missing chances to meet new people and learn new things. I am glad that I was in the right … Continue reading

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The making of something new.

I decided to join WordPress.com after friends suggested that I continue to publish my thoughts on my own, rather than as a mere contributor.  So here we are, a new blog, more professional than before and hopefully, more active than before. As … Continue reading

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